Hass Avocado

The quality and flavor that only Colombia can offer! Our Hass avocado is grown in the best conditions and carefully selected to guarantee the best quality and flavor.

Taste the quality and flavor of our Hass avocado and discover the difference!








Scientific Name

Persea Americana



Quindio, Colombia

Are you interested in exporting fruit?

The avocado is quickly emerging as one of the most dynamic and sought after fruits in the world.

Colombia is the main exporter of a wide range of products in America, among them is the avocado since it is one of the leading superfoods in the world: versatile, tasty and rich in nutrients.

During the packing of the fruit, the following will not be tolerated: fruits with a peduncle missing, rodent bites, fungus, anthracnose, with treatment residues, with the presence of pests, frost damage, sooty mold, with soil, with bird droppings, with signs of maturation.

Quality Features

Dry Matter: Minimum 21% Maximum 28%


Characteristic of the variety, uniform.


Characteristic, free of strange smells.


Characteristic, free of foreign flavors.


Characteristic of the variety.

Storage and refrigeration conditions

37°F to 45°F

Coloring Table

Bright green fruits are harvested, firm to the touch without any type of mechanical damage and with their respective peduncle.


Product is dispatched in 9 Lbs boxes with fruits of sizes 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 24; and in 22Lbs boxes with fruits of caliber 26, 28, 30 and 32. PALLETIZED: 9 Lbs boxes: 264 boxes per pallet, 20 pallets per container, 5280 boxes per container. 10kg boxes: 96 boxes per pallet, 20 pallets per container, 1920 boxes per container.

Defects without tolerance

Absence of peduncle – Bird droppings – Damage by fruit pins (Stenoma, Heilipus), Damage by insect, Fruits with soil, fruits with treatment residues, anthracnose, sooty mold, fungus on the peduncle, fruits with signs of ripening, Mechanical damage that compromise the pulp, lenticelosis (excessive rubbing)

Coloring Table