POESÍAS DE AMORES Y NOSTALGIAS | Book by Patricia Marulanda – I Give My Soul in The Words

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I intend to place the reader who loves poems in some experience of their own life and that through the poems they can see reflected their loves suffered and their nostalgia lived. Poems bring us closer to those feelings of the soul

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The book of Poesías de AMORES Y NOSTALGIAS  as a literary composition that expresses love in all its forms, gives us a tour of the emotions that the soul experiences in the absence of the loved one, in the presence of the loved one, in the face of the departure of the being. loved one, before the loved one who has not yet arrived, the loved one who disappoints us, the loved one who abandons us, the loved one who lies to us, the loved one who loves us, the loved one who ignores us, the loved one that fills us with plenitude and infinite happiness, the loved one that moves all our fibers, the loved one that incites us, the loved one that excites us.

It is a book for lovers of poems, who have lived and suffered love with all its ups and downs and in all its forms, full love, incomplete love, erotic love, nostalgic love, the love that fills us, the love that empties us, love that complements us, love that completes us. Writing poems is not easy, it is to bare the soul in the words, as it comes out, as it flows, as it emerges, without subjecting the feelings that the poems express to the classic poetic resources of meter, rhythm and rhyme, to my judgment, that is in some way limiting the feelings, confining the feelings, restricting the feelings, imprisoning the feelings and the feelings must flow with complete freedom.

In this book I truly give my soul in words, because my poems are written in free verses, in prose, where I freely release, not only my feelings, but also my emotions, my sensations and my thoughts, as they flow from within. , from the depth of my soul.

As the author of the book Poesías de AMORES Y NOSTALGIAS I have been a lover of romantic and nostalgic poetry and I have deeply admired the styles of authors such as Pablo Neruda, Federico García Lorca, Mario Benedetti, Jorge Luis Borges, Octavio Paz and the poet Gabriela Mistral.